Leadership Program


Health Guidelines:

Do not attend if you:

-are not feeling well.

-have any flu-like symptoms.

-have tested positive for COVID-19.

-are under any mandated quarantine.

-have been in close contact with anyone with confirmed COVID-19 or who is under quarantine.

Trip Safety Guidelines:

– Complete the online WWO Waiver and Release immediately upon registration at this link: https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/v/wwotripwaiver/

– Depending on the trip and at the discretion of the trip leaders, trips may be limited in size to 6 – 15.  At times we are able to form two groups, each group with a leader and sweep.

– Distancing.  Please maintain a respectable and appropriate distance from others for everyone’s safety.

– Each person is responsible for bringing all her own equipment, including hand sanitizer, personal first aid items, maps, cue sheets, trail notes and other resources.  Leaders are not required to provide cue sheets or any other resources at the trip start; however, at the leader’s discretion, resources such as a map, trail notes or paper cue sheets may be available.

– On each trip there is a Lead and a Sweep and no one is left behind.  On hikes, we stop at trail intersections and stream crossings so that no one gets lost. On bike rides, we periodically stop to regroup at turns.  If you need to find a rest room or decide to take a side excursion on your own, let the leaders know, and make arrangements with the leaders to meet back up with the group.  If you need to leave the trip early, let the leaders know.

– WWO adheres to the principles of “Leave No Trace”.  Whatever you bring in with you, you must take out with you.  Do not throw any trash which includes food remains such as apple cores, orange peels or cookie crumbs off into the woods or on the roadside or in the stream.


What to Bring on a BIKE trip:

– Bicycle helmet (required)

– Bicycle for the type of ride, tuned up and in good working condition and tires inflated

– A spare tube that fits the tire of your bike

– Water bottles or hydration pack filled with water

– Snacks/lunch

– Front and rear bicycle lights (strongly encouraged)

– A good bike lock (if you have one) may be suggested on some rides

– Photo ID, and health insurance card

– Park entrance fee or your Park Pass where applicable

– Backpack or bike pack to carry your things in

– Appropriate clothing – layers and synthetic materials are best

What to Bring on a HIKE trip:

– Park Entrance Fee or your Park Pass where applicable

– Trekking poles (recommended but optional)

– A canteen or water bottle(s) filled with at least two quarts of water; bring more water if you think you may want it

– Lunch and snacks (e. g. trail mix)

– Lightweight rain gear (e. g. poncho, gaiters)

– Boots or shoes suited to the terrain

– Sunscreen

– Insect repellent

– An extra pair of hiking socks

– Warm hat and gloves/mittens in cold weather

– Photo ID, and health insurance card

– Cell phone or camera (optional)

– Flashlight and whistle and binoculars (all optional)

– Backpack to carry your things in

– Appropriate extra clothing – layers of synthetic or wool materials are best

What to wear:

Please check the weather before leaving and dress accordingly.  Wear layers so that you can shed clothes as you warm up and add clothes as you cool down.  We do not recommend cotton next to your skin, but instead wear polyester, nylon or wicking materials that move sweat off your skin and dry fast.  On a BIKE trip, wear shoes that work for you and your bike.  On a HIKE trip, we recommend that you wear sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots.

WWO Commemorative Gear:

If you need a new baseball style cap, wicking hiking shirt, or “Buff” style bandana, WWO has commemorative gear. Let your trip leader know if you would like to purchase anything.  WWO sells cap $15, shirt $25 and “Buff” bandana $15.

Backpacking, Special Events, Water Sports:

Detailed Information about Backpacking Trips, most Special Events, and Water Sports is emailed about a week before the trip.  

Ride Sharing:

WWO is not responsible for arranging rides to events but can share information about transportation options.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to participate in ride sharing. If trip participants want to offer or request rides to and from events, WWO can facilitate arrangements by sharing that information with the trip participants who can then contact each other directly. If you are a passenger, it is customary to offer some cash to help reimburse the driver for expenses.

Event Cancellation

If Washington Women Outdoors cancels or reschedules an event, you will be notified by email as soon as possible, and at the latest, by 7 AM the morning of the event, or if the event is in the afternoon or evening, as late as a few hours before the event start.  We may cancel or reschedule a trip due to weather extremes such as extreme heat or cold, precipitation, poor air quality, limited registration, or other conditions beyond our control.  If you have questions about a trip cancellation or potential refund or trip credit, please contact us at info@washingtonwomenoutdoors.org.  Our Cancellation and Refund Policy is below.

WWO Cancellation and Refund Policy:

If a participant cancels before the registration deadline, WWO will keep either the trip fee or a $10 administrative fee, whichever is less; a participant may request a refund of the remaining amount or apply the remaining amount to a WWO event that is scheduled within the next 6 months of the cancellation date. If a participant cancels after the registration deadline, WWO will keep the entire trip fee.

WWO trips generally go regardless of the weather. Occasionally, safety considerations, limited registration, or other conditions beyond our control may cause us to cancel or reschedule a trip. If WWO cancels a WWO-led event, a participant may request a refund of the trip fee or apply the trip fee to a WWO event that is scheduled within the next 6 months of the cancellation date. No administrative fees will be withheld. If an outfitter-led event is cancelled, the outfitter’s cancellation policy will apply.


Should you have any questions about an event, or if you cannot attend after you have registered, please contact your trip leader or email info@washingtonwomenoutdoors.org.  We appreciate this so that we can fill your spot with someone who may be on the Wait List for the trip.