Occoquan Suffragist Memorial Ramble Bike Ride

Saturday, Feb 11, 2023

11:00am – 2:30pm

Event Fees

Non Members

22 miles, 1380 feet elevation with two climbs on residential roads and multi-use trails. Suitable for advanced beginners and above and all types of bicycles.

What do the Workhouse Arts Center, Lucy Burns Museum, Suffragist Memorial, Barrel Bridge, Liberty Complex and Silverbrook United Methodist Church all have in common? They are fascinating stops on our bike ride in southern Fairfax County as we explore highlights of local history. The ride is named for the Suffragist Memorial located in Occoquan Regional Park and near the location of the former Occoquan Workhouse/Lorton Reformatory where 168 suffragists were imprisoned after being arrested for picketing outside the White House. We will start our ride at Burke Lake Park and travel on multi-use trails or residential roads to all of these locations. Our route will also take us through multiple parks and over two dams. A lunch stop at the Brickmakers Cafe is also planned about midway through our ride.

This ride is suitable for any type of bike.  We have a 1.3 mile climb out of Occoquan Regional Park and another, shorter, (0.7 mile) climb to get over the Dam at Lake Mercer.

This event is free for Premium Members, but please register, and register early as there are limited spots!

Event Location

Fairfax Station

Metro Accessible