Washington Women Outdoors (WWO) is a non-profit organization that is run almost entirely by volunteers. We engage in outdoor activities in the Washington, DC area where women share skills, experience, strengths, and support to enhance and expand each woman’s world. We welcome women of diverse ages, races, and lifestyles. WWO provides instruction by women for women. Activities are available for all skill levels to inspire the beginner and to challenge the more advanced.

If you’d like to support Washington Women Outdoors, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, you can do so by using this link before purchasing eligible items on amazon.com: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/52-1190401

Who Are WWO Members?

WWO members are independent women who seek adventure in the outdoors. We have a passion for hiking, biking, rock climbing, caving, backpacking, kayaking, cross country skiing, horseback riding, hang gliding, and anything that tests our strength and broadens our horizons. We enjoy meeting new people who want to travel with us to beautiful places in the wilderness. If you are open to learning new things in a supportive environment and enjoy sharing the outdoors with other women, we invite you to join us.  Learn about our Leadership Program.


Women Experiencing Outdoors Together


Provide women opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities in the Washington, District of Columbia, region.

Core Values





Through WWO activities, all women in the Washington, DC region will have opportunities to experience and appreciate the outdoors within our supportive community.

Washington Women Outdoors (WWO) is a supportive community of women that:

Offers fun, challenging and safe outdoor activities

Explores the abundant natural resources of the Washington, DC, region

Provides instruction for women by women to develop outdoor skills and confidence

Welcomes women of all skill levels

Inspires beginners

Challenges leaders