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Leadership Program  
How do I become a WWO leader?
Leader Benefits
Where can I take First Aid and CPR courses?
Current leadership activities

WWO is an organization that is operated by numerous volunteers from the executive board to the trip leaders. While all volunteers support the organization, trip leaders are the backbone of WWO. They permit the numerous diverse trips that WWO provides its members. All of these leaders are very special people because they give not only of the time and energy but also because of their love and spirit. In order to continue to provide the number and types of trips it is extremely important to maintain a large pool of trip leaders.

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We have two types of WWO trips. Leaders are responsible for the entirety of an In-House trip, including planning, scouting, teaching appropriate skills, completing necessary paperwork, and leading the trip. Outfitter Leaders serve as WWO liaisons between the Outfitter and the trip participants. An Outfitter Leader ensures that appropriate WWO paperwork has been completed and provides feedback on the trip instruction to the Program Chair. View or download our waiver in PDF format by clicking here.

To be an In-House* trip leader you must
1) Attend at least one WWO trip.
2) Be approved by appropriate Program Chair to be a Leader-in-Training.
3) Participate as a Leader-in-Training on at least two trips and be able to participate in these trips at the trip level.
4) Complete First Aid and CPR certification.
5) Receive approval by appropriate Program Chair to be an Assistant Leader.
6) Assist on at least two WWO trips and be able to participate in these trips at the trip level.
7) Complete WWO Leadership Training at least once every 3 years.
8) Be approved by appropriate Program Chair to be a Leader.
9) Be able to participate in all trips at the trip level that you lead.

To be an Outfitted trip# leader you must
1) Attend at least one Outfitted WWO trip.
2) Be able to participate in trips in which you are a Leader at the trip level.
3) Be approved by appropriate Program Chair.
It is highly recommended that you complete First Aid, CPR, and WWO Leadership Training certification.

* In-House Leader requirements were determined at the July 2000 Board Meeting and are documented in the Meeting Minutes.
# Outfitter Leader requirements were determined at the April 2001 Board Meeting and are documented in the Meeting Minutes.

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1. Access to Leadership Training Funds. WWO wants to encourage leaders to expand their knowledge and skills, so we will grant you up to $100 per year to be used toward outside training. You are expected to lead or assist on two or three trips, depending upon the amount of reimbursement, within a year of completing this training. For up to $50 in reimbursement, you are expected to lead two trips; three trips or more to receive up to $100 tuition reimbursement.

2. "Free Trips!" When you lead or assist, you do not pay for the trip. This doesn't really translate into "free" because of all your labor, but it still is a benefit of leadership. LITs pay only direct expenses such as food and lodging, but not overhead. This is our way of encouraging women to enter the leadership and gain the experience they need at minimal cost.

3. Develop Skills. Develop confidence and competence in outdoor skills, plus develop skills that will prove useful in all aspects of your life. Leadership is essential on the job, and anywhere you need to deal with people.

4. Make friends. Make friends and find people to share adventures with outside of WWO.

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Women interested in receiving First Aid and CPR training can contact the American Red Cross for CPR and First Aid training. The American Heart Association also offers CPR training. The cost of the courses are reimburseable after you have led or assisted on three WWO events.

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There are no leadership events currently scheduled. Check back next season.

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